Noah Gragson wins Phoenix Xfinity Series Race 2022

nascar Xfinity race

Noah Gragson or Noah Quinn Gragson is a stock car racer, and he is an American who participated in many racing events. He participates in the NASCAR Xfinity race Series and NASCAR cup series. 

And he drives the NO.9 Chevrolet Camaro for JR Motorsports in the Xfinity series and No. 62 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for beard Motorsports part-time. He is one of the top racers who participates in all the NASCAR races, and he also has various championship trophies that explain his talent and history of victories. 

He added a new one this year among all his victories. This one was in Phoenix raceway, and he led the race high 114 of 200 laps, creating his first victory in the NASCAR Xfinity Series season 2022. This victory made many new changes in the career of Noah Gragson. 

These are some points about the race on phoenix raceway and the winner of that massive Xfinity series, And this victory makes NoH Gragson a six-time Xfinity series winner. 

Where to Get Details NASCAR Xfinity Race Series 2022?

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The Winning Moment of Noah Gragson

Gragson passed the lead with 14 laps and remained the series points leader, making him a winner. Then, after crossing the finish line with the green flag, he started to rip donuts around the entire front stretch of the Phoenix raceway. And the celebration of Gragson is entirely different, with smokes and ripped tire peace flying throughout the area with fire. 

It makes the entire place a mess. This team has the top three winning positions in the whole event, making them more enthusiastic and joyful. 

The best part of the race, according to Gragson, was tracking down the No.19 Toyota at the winning pass of lap 187. 

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The Phoenix raceway Xfinity series 2022 is the first victory for Noah Gragson this year, and he had many successes and previous years and has six trophies of the Xfinity series.

So, people can use the online news articles and channels to know more about the race events and the victory stories of famous racers and other famous stars of different sports and race events. 

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