Are you a travel blogger, travel author, or just somebody who has the ability for conferring information in a hilarious and enlightening manner? How’d you jump at the chance to publish a piece on our website? Are you ready to be a star?

Well, not actually. In any case, you will get your piece read by a huge number of people every year, so that is cool!

The Basics

Before you read any further, kindly ensure that our travel blog writes for us program is for you.

  • Write For Us Travel Guest Post

Authors should be specialists in the destinations they pitch. We are searching for authors to cover destinations that they know quite well. We are searching for writers who live in a place or have gone through weeks or months exploring a place.

We are NOT searching for a travel blog about a holiday destination that you have just visited once for a couple of days. It would also be amazing if you could use our program adventure travel write for us and give us some exciting and adventurous stories. Some topic suggestions are travel tips to write for us, travel guide writes for us, how to travel in the UK, etc.

  • How might This Benefit You?

Then again, if you are a travel blogger and are more intrigued by a do-follow backlink from us than a fee, you can do without the payment and instead choose to backlink your blog.

  • We Don’t Publish By Far Most Of The Pitches We Receive:

We get a high volume of pitches, and just publish some of the most flawlessly awesome ones. Tragically, this additionally means you probably will not hear from our article group except if we’ve chosen to go ahead with your pitch.

  • This Opportunity Is For Bloggers and Writers Only:

We are excited to have the option to help striving writers, proficient travel writers, and travel bloggers through our write for us program! But, we do not do sponsored posts unless it is written by us. If you are a business with a marketing plan then you can email us about the partnership.

  • We might Have To Edit Your Post:

Your article might be modified from what you submitted to us. However, we generally put forth an effort to allow you an opportunity to make alterations before we go in and make them on our end.

Style Guidelines

While writing for us, you have to keep in mind the following points.

  • Keep The Content Original and Error-free:

We want you to write original, plagiarism-free, and unique content. Also, keep in mind to check your blog for any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. Also, the post should be well structured.

  • Your Writing Should Be Funny:

We’re searching for general funny and amusing incidents, told uniquely and funnily (while you should not say it in a mean). Do you have jokes? Jokes are great. We additionally like cussing (even though we attempt to bleep that sh*t out). Assuming your friends depict you as “the interesting and funny one” and also “the one to request travel suggestions,” you’re an incredible fit for us.

  • Your Blog Entry Should Be Incredibly Informative:

We believe that the blog you submit should be incredibly informative. Also an entire, entire part of it. Regardless of what you’re writing about, you should cover ALL of its points, and try not to pass on inquiries for our readers to look for somewhere else. This is the reason why our posts are pretty long: that a large amount of information takes up a LOT of words, so the minimum words needed are 3000 words.

  • Your Blog Post should Include Relevant History:

We need you to dig deeper than surface level. Don’t simply instruct us about what to do at a place and leave it at that. Explain to us WHY you suggest that, WHY it makes a difference, WHY it’s significant. We need you to narrate a story of that place: what in its history has molded the place that you are going to experience.

  • Your Post should “Sell” Places and Encounters:

Regardless of whether you’re writing about your old neighborhood or your cherished place for holidays, before the end of the post, we want the readers to think that I want to go there right away. Let the readers know what makes it unique and make them feel that I totally have to visit. This also goes for all that you suggest: let them know what to order on the menu, explain to them why they need to visit that place, and so on.

  • Your Post should Be Relevant To Our Readers:

Your subject should be something that our readers are interested to read. Spend some time on our site to get a vibe of our topics. We include budget friendly trips as well as extravagant trips.

  • Include Photos and Videos:

The selection of photos and videos should match the content of your blog. The photos and videos should be absolutely stunning and readers should feel excited to go to the destination. The photos can be from your personal collection or should be sourced from credible websites.

  • A Short Bio About Yourself:

We want you to write a short bio about yourself, write about who you are, and about why you are an expert for that place. You can also include your social media links, blog link, or website link.

Send Us Your Pitch!

Have a pitch in mind? We need to hear it! You can pitch us by emailing us at If you have a ready blog post, then email us the post in Google Docs or as a Microsoft Docs at For any queries, please comment down below and we will be happy to help.