Top 5 Pros And Cons Of Electric Heated Blanket

electric heated blanket


An electric heated blanket is a reasonably common sleep item for keeping warm and comfy on a chilly night. If you’re considering purchasing an electric heated blanket, make sure you’re informed of all its benefits and drawbacks before making the purchase.

Pros of Electric Heated Blanket

1. Savings in Energy

The fact that heated blankets use less energy is one of their advantages. In the winter, they can keep you warm without raising the thermostat. While they may not warm the entire space, they consume enough energy to keep you comfortable at night. 

You may further reduce your costs by purchasing a thicker, higher-quality electric heated blanket. These blankets warm up more quickly and maintain their warmth for a long time after being switched off.

2. Lifts Your Spirit

Because warmth naturally relaxes your body and mind, sleeping with an electric heated blanket can improve your mood.

3. Alleviates pain

Applying heat is a well-known treatment for aches and pains. An electric heated blanket’s warmth can ease muscle tension and prevent cramps.

Although electric heated blanket is not intended to relieve severe pain, they can increase blood flow, which helps reduce inevitable mild aches, pains, and cramps.

4. Improve Sleep Quality

An electric heated blanket is also recommended since it might improve the quality of your sleep. Temperature fluctuations can disturb your night, make you feel ill, and keep you up all night.

5. Off automatically

Excellent for forgetting to shut it off.

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Corn of Electric Heated Blanket

1. Fire Risk

Heated blankets can cause fires, like any other electrical device. Keeping them for an extended period might make things more likely to occur.

Thankfully, more recent blankets frequently include an automated shut-off feature to save them from overheating. 

However, since older blankets might not have this function, you should exercise caution. Therefore, be careful not to unintentionally leave an electric heated blanket on while you aren’t working with it or as you sleep.

2. No washing

People spend between six and eight hours sleeping in their beds every night. Every one and two weeks, the mattress will need to be cleaned.

One of its drawbacks is that electric heated blanket cannot be washed. If submerged in water, the wiring can get damaged, or a wash cycle might leave the blanket worthless.

To get around this issue, you may purchase a detachable cover for the blanket, allowing you to wash the body independently from the wire harness.

3. Pets Aren’t Always Welcome

However, you must be aware that electric heated blanket offers some danger to your furry companions if they scratch, scratch, or bite upon that blanket while it is on. Some pets will love to cuddle up with the safety of a heated blanket, and using one may help settle restless or nervous animals.

4. Expensive

Since I have two good heated blankets I use almost daily, which need to be updated twice a year, the cost adds up quickly.

5. Not long-lasting:

 Like every contemporary item, they eventually degrade and quit functioning.


In the end, electrically heated blankets are designed for a warm bed, but they are not used daily and are not for overnight use. It’s suitable for temporary, but sometimes it burns you if it is not shut off properly.

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