What are the problems caused by plastics?

Problem with plastic pollution

You might have heard people say not to burn plastic bags! Well, plastic bags are a big problem for the environment. This is because they don’t rot and stay the same for so many years. The Problem with Plastic pollution has gained the attention of so many people in the recent past. As a result, people have started converting to sustainable products instead of plastic. 

For quite a long time, plastic bags have been used as a painless solution to shopping. But only in recent years has the damage been estimated. The damage to plastic is a lot, and you can’t imagine the consequences. Further, people are discouraged from using plastic bags today for shopping or other purposes. 

Why is plastic bad for the environment?

Plastic is made of crude oil or other substances. Crude oil emits quite a significant amount of pollution. Also, the product is biodegradable. It takes almost 400 years for plastic bags to degrade completely, causing much harm to the environment. 

Effects of Plastic on the Environment

There is some Problem with plastic pollution. Plastic pollution causes harm to humans and plants with the use of toxic pollutants. It can take about 1000 years for the plastic to break down, which is long-lasting. In this way, it affects the sea organisms from planktons to whales. Further, plastic has toxins that work their way, and even the fish on the water surface will consume plastic. 

How can plastic packaging be reduced?

In almost the last ten years, people have seen unnecessary overuse of plastic. Only about 14% of the plastic packaging sees its way to recycling. And only 9% of the plastic is recycled. About 40% see their way to landfills. Furthermore, some of the actions you can take to reduce plastic pollution are:

1) It’s best to cook from raw products to stop the problem of plastic pollution.

2) Cut out unnecessary packaging like using plastic when going grocery shopping. 

3) You can buy tea with loose leaves rather than the packets

4) You can prepare your lunch using the night’s leftovers

The effects of plastic cups

Now, plastic cups also have enormous effects on the environment. Plastic cups contain polyethylene that keeps the coffee warm. But it also prevents the same from being recycled. About 16 million coffee cups are used daily, leading to around 6.5 million trees being cut down. You can help save the environment by using reusable cups rather than plastic ones. Wherever possible, avoid plastic and use reusable as much as possible. 

How does plastic cause air pollution?

1) Doing incineration of plastic

Plastic decomposes slowly, causing the landfills to get filled up. Over 40% of the garbage is burnt. The burning of plastic is harmful since it releases some hazardous substances. These chemicals cause various diseases like asthma, cancer, etc. The burning of plastic is the end to a healthy environment. 

2)Plastic can Off Gas

Phthalates are the chemicals present in plastics. It causes various structural problems like flexibility and resistance to heat. The microplastics are so tiny that you can’t see them. But you can inhale it present both in outdoor and indoor air. These smallest particles can move into the bloodstream causing cardiovascular diseases. 


If you see any plastic in your living room, you should keep it aside. Problem with plastic pollution is many, and you should take these steps to make a big difference. First, try out some environmentally friendly products. It is best for the environment and the betterment of humans. Think of the environment as a whole and it will help the environment a lot.

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