Steps to Apply for Temporary Activity Visa Subclass 408 Australia


Australia subclass 408 visas are issued for individuals who travel to the Commonwealth of Australia to perform work or activities for a short period. Temporary Activity Visa Melbourne allows bringing families along with the applicant. Several streams of activities and work come under the category and the duration and validity of the visa depend on the stream selected by the applicant.

How To Apply For Temporary Activity Visa Melbourne?

There are several requirements available to apply for Temporary Activity Visa MelbourneThe particular visa requires a sponsor from Australia, and the sponsor must undergo a support test or sponsorship test depending on the duration and the preferred visa type.

Once the Department approves the process of Home Affairs, the sponsors can sponsor the visit to the applicant. First, the applicant must acquire the important documents per the stream, and then the applicant needs to follow specific steps to apply for the particular visa.

Steps Involved In Applying for Temporary Activity Visa Melbourne:

Here are the steps that are crucial in applying Temporary Activity Visa Melbourne. The steps include

  • The applicant needs to create an account on ImmiAccount, and it is to be used online
  • Log onto the account by providing the required details
  • Upload the required documents as stated
  • Finally, apply by paying the visa fees

The visa gets processed once the application is successfully submitted. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the application honestly and accurately. Incomplete and faulted applications might become the reasons for the delay of the visa, or it might even get rejected. Furthermore, the rejection of the visa might affect the visa application in the future. 

Eligibility Factors For Applying Temporary Activity Visa Melbourne:

The applicant can apply for a temporary activity visa by checking the eligibility criteria. The eligible factors include

  • The applicant must have support if the applicant applies outside of Australia for less than three months
  • The applicant must have a sponsor if the applicant applies from inside Australia for more than six months
  • The applicant must meet up the age requirements as per the stream
  • The applicant must fit with character and health requirements
  • It is essential to obtain medical insurance from the home country to cover the charges

Apart from the mentioned factors, here is the list of primary eligibility criteria applicable for any streams. 

1. Special Program: The particular stream of visas is issued to participate in various activities like youth exchange, cultural enrichment, community programs, foreign exchange programs and so on. The visa is valid for full 12 months.

2. Religious Work: The particular visa includes participating in the spiritual work conducted by religious organizations or institutions in Australia. The visa is applicable for two years.

3. Research Activities: The visa allows the applicant to participate in research work in institutions or projects, and the particular visa is valid for two years.

4. Invited Participant:  The specific visa allows the applicant to enter the nation for the reasons like sports events, cultural festivals and so on upon invitation. The particular visa is valid only for three months. 

5. Sporting Activities: The visa allows the applicant to enter the country to play, coach or take part in training for sports teams across Australia. The visa is applicable for two years.

6. Entertainment Activities: The visa applies to applicants in the entertainment industry, and the specific visa is valid for two years.

7. Superyacht Crew: The particular visa allows the applicant to work as a Superyacht crew member in Australia, and the visa duration is 12 months.

8. Exchange Arrangements: The specific visa allows the applicant to participate in staff exchange programs in several Australian institutions. The particular visa is valid for two years.

9. Australian Government Endorsed Events: The visa is applicable for entrepreneurs who take part in supporting innovations in South Australian events. The visa is extended till the length of the event, or it is valid for four years.

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