Effective Tips For Time Management In The PTE Exam

PTE Exam Format

We all have experienced some moment in our life or exam in which we have been unable to complete a vital task or exam at the time required for not being able to manage it effectively. So, if you are a student who aspires to study English abroad, then cracking the PTE examination would be your ultimate goal. But even after knowing the PTE exam format and giving lots of mock tests, you cannot finish them in time.

Then, it would be best if you did not worry anymore because we have narrowed down some practical tips for time management skills that could help you complete your PTE examination in the allotted time.

First, the task would be going through the PTE exam format and planning on which section you can allocate how much time depending on your preparation and requirement. There are four sections in the PTE exam speaking, writing, reading, and listening, so understanding each and completing them in the allocated time would be the target.

Effective Tips For Time Management In The PTE Exam

  • Speaking section

Most people get lost in their thoughts during the speaking segment, or half of the words don’t come out at the necessary hour. Speaking parts are separately timed. So, practicing them at home and keeping a close eye on the timer from beginning to end is advised.

  • Writing section

Try to take at least 25 minutes for one article and 15 minutes for spoken content and practice them properly by solving lots of PTE practice assessments with a clock to check your writing speed.

  • Reading section

You may find many questions in the reading segment which you could face difficulties with, so practicing them thoroughly and entirely in at least 30 minutes will let you answer those questions adequately in the given time.

  • Listening section

The listening section is the most important, which you need to give additional attention to because the audio will play on time and not be repeated. So, if you cannot listen and answer the questions correctly, skipping them and moving on to the next question is better.

Knowing some tips on how to manage your time successfully during the PTE examination, let us now look at some of the benefits of following them: –

  • Reducing tension

Pressure is one of the factors during limited-time exams, and getting overwhelmed, sometimes results in the inability to give or complete the exam correctly. But if you have the right tools for time handling, you can easily overcome it.

  • Confidence booster

When you have planned by knowing the PTE exam format, like which questions you need to attend to first and which you need to give more time, then it will automatically boost your confidence.

  • Completing before time

Having proper time management tools lets you complete your exam before the bell and review the whole paper for any mistakes you may have made.

  • Better result

Managing time properly during your exams lets you score better compared to previous instances in which managing time and completing the exam was a big deal for you.

Ultimately, one of the most crucial factors towards achieving your dream of passing the PTE examination with flying colors and getting that certificate that allows you to study English overseas at your chosen university would be: 

Solving many past PTE examination papers and completing PTE mock papers by keeping a close eye on the time and notice if you can do it properly and ideally before the final bell.

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After reading the above article, effective tips on controlling your time during the PTE examination, hopefully, you can finish your paper at the required time and achieve your target of studying English abroad.


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