Enjoy Some Unique & Different Air Fryer Recipes at Home

Air Fryer Recipes

Deep frying the food remains unhealthy as the food consumes more oil. Air fryers are used to reduce oil absorption, and the food is submerged in the oil without sucking excess fat and remains healthy for the consumers.

While many of the individuals have gone into instant cooking recipes, one of the most popular and easier ones is air fryer recipes, delicious, healthy, and mouth-watery and keeps the food light and dry by consuming less time to prepare. Some of the home preparation of the recipes is discussed here for the benefit of the users.

Suggestive recipes to prepare using an air fryer

The name itself means that the oven uses the fan at a certain speed and makes the food crispy and dry, and here are some suggestions to use the air fryer to make some of the healthy and unique recipes at home. Air Fryer Recipes remain simpler are as follows.

Bananas are fried and served as dessert with chocolate/ maple syrup. You can fry the chickpeas and can offer an instant snack for the kids. Chicken nuggets are the popular snack that attracts people for their crunchy taste, and now it is possible to prepare at home using the air fryer

Stuffed veggies are quickly cooked and served with suitable sauce at home. Fried potatoes or finger chips are the favourite snack of all age groups, and it is simpler to make using the air fryer. Rare and unique dishes to cook using an air fryer

Chocolate Lava Cake

It is expected that cakes are baked but, do you know that cakes are even fried! Here is the recipe to explore the fried lava cake using an air fryer.


Semi-sweet chocolate chips -1/3 cup

Unsalted butter- ¼ cup

Egg- 1

Egg yolk- 1

Vanilla extract- 1/3 teaspoon

Salt- ½ teaspoon

All-purpose flour- 3 tablespoon


Preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and grease the two individual ramekins. Mix the chocolate chips and the butter in a safe bowl and melt it in the microwave for one minute. Continue the process by stirring the ingredients until it melts.

Once the chocolates melt entirely, add the powdered sugar, egg, egg yolk, vanilla extract and salt to the melted chocolate and whisk the combination gently and then add the flour until it reaches the needed consistency. Transfer the batter into the air fryer basket and cover it with the ramekins.

Cook it for at least 8-10 minutes, and then remove the foil until the edges are set to give extra time for the complete set of the dish. Transfer it to the serving plate and serve it instantly. It proves that the Air Fryer Recipes are simpler to make at home.

Air fryer fried chicken

The other exciting and most wanted Air Fryer Recipes is fried chicken, and the method of preparing using an air fryer is below.





Marinate the chicken with the required spices and keep it aside for a few minutes. Preheat the air fryer to the needed time and then place the marinated chicken in the fryer. Once the colour changes, you can transfer it to the plate, and the fried chicken is ready to eat.

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